OFWs Love and Life Stories

He give me everything in exchanged of happiness

"They said working abroad has a lot of temptations, and mostly are ended to a broken family."

Living my family in the province it's not easy, I just hold on that day was our promises and goals in life. My ambition to give a better home and a business so that in the future I will not anymore live my family.

Hi, my name is Raymond from Zamboanga, It was 2013 when I started working abroad. I left my family in exchange for a better future. I applied in Manila to various agencies and since I am just a High School graduate, I find it hard to land a job, even looking for a local job in Manila just to sustain my daily needs it sucks. After walking around under the heat of the sun along Ermita, Manila, I was lucky and able to find an agency and hired me to work in Macau as a waiter. Without any hesitation, I grab the job.

In Macau, I landed in a restaurant, and my kind of work there is all around, but most of the time I am assigned to the Kitchen area to washed the dishes. And most of the time I am wet, including my underwear is wet until afternoon. But despite what I had been through, I never complained because the reason I work here is to have money for my future. And months later, I was re-assigned to the dining area. There I enjoyed
a lot of mingling with customers. There a lot of times that I received a tip from the customers, so I was able to save more money for the repair of our house in Zamboanga. After a couple of months later, we started repairing our house.

Before my first contract had expired in Macau, I was so happy to see that our dream house had been completed. And I feel relaxed and bless at that time. After a couple of months of staying in the Philippines, I again decided to work abroad on the same destination in Macau. In my
second time in Macau, I already know the places and every move of OFWs. A lot of cheating is happening, courting someone even if they are married in the Philippines. I hate those things seeing that someone is not loyal to their partner and forgot every promise they made before
leaving the Philippines.

Months later, since I was assigned to the dining area. There is a Chinese national on his 40s and almost every day he dines in our restaurant and his favorite to call among waiters is me. Until he gave me his calling card. And he invited me for a city tour around Macau for free. He has a nice
car and he is very kind to me. At first, I do not see any motive from him, until a couple of times we went out. And one time while we are inside his car he slowly holds my hand, he was looking at me and I was shocked and I don't know what to do or how will I react. He suddenly
kisses me which I responded too with an intense kiss, then more caress until he gets what he wants to me. I feel guilty after what had happened to us. I was so silent until he dropped me off in front of our apartment. He just says goodbye and left me. I was still shocked but it already happened so I just shut my mouth. And while I was lying on my bed I received a message from Mr. Lee.

"Hi Raymond, I am sorry to what had happened but I like you and I will give everything to you." a text message from Mr. Lee.

I did not respond to that message because I still feel ashamed to myself and feel guilty. On the following morning, I did not see Mr. Lee had come to our restaurant which I used to be. It was fined for me because I will not see his face on that day. But days later, I see again Mr. Lee was
seating on the corner of our restaurant. He was just looking at me and waiting for me to approach him. And I approached in his table he softly said, "can we talk later after your duties?"
At first, I looked into his face and it seems that he is really serious so I feel pity for him, so I said "yes." We went out that night and drove me to high land with quite views, there he told me everything about his family and his admiration for me. Mr. Lee owns a lot of businesses in Macau and China and he is the only child of the family, his father died 10 years ago and all the assets of his family were transferred to his name. He just lives
alone in Macau because his mother is living in China. After a couple of hours of dramatic stories from him. He drove me to his house, it was so elegant and with a nice view of the city. As I was on the terrace looking at views, he slowly hugs me behind my back and softly whispers "please
don't leave me." I was again tempted by his caress and kisses, that night was more intense for both of us and I feel his love for me.

Mr. Lee had told me to leave my work in the restaurant and asked to work for him. And as per request by Mr. Lee, I leave my work and I became his assistant. and wherever he goes I am on his side. I still feel guilty especially to my family because all they know is that I am still working as a waiter in a restaurant. I still go home in the Philippines to visit my family in Zamboanga every six months. Mr. Lee has given me a huge amount of money which now able to buy a piece of land with a rubber farm. And he also provides the allowance for my family back home.

I don't know or how will I confessed this to my wife but maybe this is better. Guy's I still don't know what to do or what will I do in this kind of situation or who will I choose. I really can't decide.

I hope I can have clear answers to anyone who can read my story.

Loving yours,

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  1. Think about God and you will find the answer. Be enlightened.


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