OFWs Love and Life Stories

My OFW boyfriend has finally fulfill his promise

My heart beats too fast whenever I see him. I think I'm falling in love with Jasper. Jasper and I are working in the same company but in a different department in Taiwan. He is dark, tall, and handsome. I think many girls like him.

I'm happy and inspired at work every time I see him. To have inspiration makes your work a little stressful. It's hard to work outside your country. No one besides when you have a problem. Sometimes you can't trust your fellow Filipino. You need to stand by yourself.

One day my co-worker Marina invited me to her birthday party. "Jena please come to my birthday, after work at Ktv bar near our dorm." I'm not a party-goers but Marina told me so many times to go to her party. I said, "yes I will go."

After work, all my co-workers went to the party. There are so many foods and drinks. Some of her visitors are from other departments. And how lucky I am because the guy that I like was there. Marina introduced them to us.

After I eat a lot of food I decided to go home and tell Marina that I have work for the next day so I'm going home early. The dorm is a walking distance from Ktv. While walking someone talk behind me. "Hi, are you going to our dorm? Can I walk with you? By the way, I'm Jasper, Marina's friend." I feel nervous, my heart beats too fast. I can't look at him. But I told him, "yah sure."

"I saw you every day at the canteen with no one besides you." Wow! Really he always sees me at the canteen. I thought that he doesn't even look at someone like me. "Ah, I only have few friends and they are in another department."

"Jena do you have a boyfriend?" Oh no, why he asked me like that. "No, I don't have a boyfriend. And you, where and how many girlfriends do you have?" Then he looks at me. "Hahaha, we're already broke up two months ago. Can I get your cellphone number?" I remain quiet for a while, but deep inside I'm happy. "Ah ok." My phone is ringing, I answered it and, "Jena it's me, Jasper." We are laughing together and continue to walk.

At the dorm, boys have different dorm building with the girls. "Bye." He said, "sweet dreams Jena, see you at work tomorrow." My heart feels so happy.

My roommate's friend saw me with Jasper. "Jena be careful with that man. A suitor or boyfriend?" I said, "no, he is a friend of my co-department."

"He was the ex-boyfriend of my co-worker. She said that she gave all that he wants. He is a materialistic person. He still has a debt that can't be paid to his girlfriend. For the six years of their relationship, the girl had so much debt because of his boyfriend. She loves her boyfriend so much, that every time his family needs money she gave it. But nobody knows the truth. I'm just warning you."

"Okay, but we don't need to judge a person that they will not know. Thank you for your advice."

Jasper became my suitor. He is so sweet. He calls and texts me every day. They said that he is a womanizer. He flirts so many girls he likes.

After work, he waits for me and we walk together to our dorm. "Jena it's almost a month since I've told you that I like you and love you. Can you please be my girlfriend? My head nodded. " Yes, I like you too." There is no one around us, so he kisses me on my lips. My whole body trembled.

After a few months, I recognized some of his behavior. Every payday he buys what he wants like shoes, shirt, pants, gadget, and other things that are not important.

"Jasper why you always buy things that are not important? How can you save money when you're going home in the Philippines? Abroad is not for a lifetime." He smiled at me and not tell anything.

After a year I'm got pregnant. "Jasper my period is delayed, so I buy a pregnancy test and it's positive. What will we do?" He said, "pass a resignation letter to HR and return to the Philippines. I will support your financial needs. Don't worry I will marry you." I trust him.

I'm back in my hometown and hoping that Jasper will do his promise. I gave birth to a healthy baby boy. After of working contract, Jasper returned to the Philippines. He visited me and got a civil wedding after 2months of his staying here in the Philippines.

Jasper was finished 12 years contract in Taiwan that's why we are staying in their province. We live in his parent's house. In 12 years he doesn't have savings. They only have a small fish pond and a sari-sari store.

He always drinks alcohol with his friends. He gets angry whenever I ask for a baby's milk and diaper. He always fights with me for no reason. I remembered when someone told me that you can't even know a person unless you will live in one house.

One night he was so drunk when he enter in our room. He kisses me, he tries to remove my clothes but our baby is crying so I stop him. He slapped my face and punched my tummy. Then he does what he wants.

The next day I've decided to leave him with our son. He doesn't say anything. And now I live with my parents. Every time I call him and ask for money he shouted to me and not give any single cents. Now I have work to provide our daily needs.


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