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Lena, abused and starved by her female employer

We always do everything for our families’ right? That sometimes we tend to endure all the hardships and sacrifice ourselves just to give them better lives. Many Filipinas all over the world work as domestic helpers, there are fortunate to have a kind-hearted employer but there are also some who are unlucky and experienced abuses.

Lena, a woman aged 27 grabbed the opportunity to work abroad with the dreams for her family. She was hired to be a domestic helper in Saudi Arabia last August 2017. Her employer was very strict in terms of cleaning the house and taking care of the children. Lena done these all as what in her contract stated. However, even though she done her job properly her employer always finding faults on her. One time, while she was cleaning the kitchen, her female boss grabs her hair and kicked her legs. Her employer was very upset because Lena forgot to bring her water in her room because Lena that time has many chores to be done. Lena was very sorry to what she has done but her boss continued to slap her many times. Her boss just stopped when one of her children entered the kitchen and saw what happened. That was not happened just once; the cruel employer also accused Lena to have an affair with her husband, Lena can’t do anything about it because her male boss sometimes talked to her regarding with her duties as a helper and sometimes also asked her to buy groceries. But, all these always misinterpreted by her female boss. When her male boss goes to work, Lena abused by her employer, she also experienced being punched that made her right shoulder swollen. When the family also have their vacation to other place, Lena will stay inside the house without any food left for her. She just cried so hard and asked God why she needs to experience all those abuses. With an empty stomach, she asked help to her fellow domestic helper who were also working nearby and asked for food. She can’t buy her own food because her employer did not allow her to leave the house while they were away. She endure all the abuses she experienced working abroad, she did not even told her family about what happen because she did not want that her family will be worried. After 2 years of being in her abusive employer, she decided to go home when the contract ended, she was very happy that after all the things she experienced she can finally be free.

Indeed, not all of us are lucky enough to have the life we always wanted to have. Most of us do so many sacrifices just to provide the needs of our love ones. We can anything for the sake of our family. The life of Lena is just one of OFW stories that experienced abuses but still fought hard for the family.

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