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I feel in love to a lesbian

"If you can't find true love in a man, why not try to love a tansman. Maybe she can give the affection you can't have in your husband."

Hi, I am Ella an OFW from South Korea. I have left three children in the Philippines in exchange to work abroad and give them a better future. I was once a battered wife when we are still living in Tagcauyan, Quezon with my husband. Most of the time we quarrel with my husband Jimmy because of his being alcoholic. A lot of times I got bruises as I fight back to him. I feel our life in the province is so miserable that we can't sometimes eat three times a day. And I am more pity with my children, seeing them sleeping without taking a meal. And because of poverty, I decided to work in Laguna. I landed a job as a factory worker, as I have a new job and have enough salary to sustain my children, I decided to take them from the custody of their drunkard father. At first, Jimmy was hesitant to give custody to me but he can't do anything because I am the mother and my children have chosen me over him.
Years later, our company in Laguna had declared bankruptcy which is why I am forced to find a new job. And since my eldest daughter is about to start in School, It came across my mind to work abroad which I know is the best way I can sustain a better future for my children. Before I left the Philippines, I and my children went home to my hometown in Aurora. There I left my children in the custody of my parents.
As I bid goodbye to my children and parents, a sudden tear goes out, I feel so much pain upon living in our province. But my determination had given me the strength to pursue my dream to give them a better future. It was May 2011 when I got my first job in South Korea.
In my first year in South Korea, I was able to build a new house for my family. It was a two-story house with 8 rooms intended for my children and my parents. And after my house had been built, I decided to buy new farmland, because ever since I was a child my parents had never experience cultivating in their land. So this time I want them to have it and feel it.
In my continuous contract in South Korea, I had co-workers namely Joyce. She been good to me and always there to hear my problem every time I share it with her. She always there to comfort me. Until one time we decided to drink some alcohol just too relieved the stress we feel at work. And as we are already drunk, a lot of painful stories I share with her. And I just remembered at that time that I was already crying. Then she hugged me to comfort but while she is hugging, she kisses me, which I also give back a most intense kiss. That night has been full of happenings and love until we have been to sleep.
In the morning after we have been drunk, I wake up my head was lying in Joyce's arm and I remembered that something happened to us that night. I feel a little bit guilty about what we've done. As she was still asleep, I went to the kitchen to prepare our foods, and as I washing the utensils, someone had hugged from my back and as I turn back it was Joyce. I see in her face the priceless smile.
"Sorry for what had happened last night, maybe we can just keep it on our own," she said. I just nod to her and smile at her.
Days and weeks had passed, those things had happened again and again to us. Until I was used to it. We live in our apartment like a couple and every time I go out she will always there on my side. She already changed the way she treated me. I feel like a being spoiled by Joyce. And I'm happy that someone is caring for me which I did not experience in my husband.
Today we are already living in Aurora and getting more stronger. My family and children had already accepted our kind of relationship. Because they know that I am happy.
I will end my story here, I hope you get some lessons on my love story and life as an OFW.
Loving you,

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