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I was drunk last night, and I don't know what happened

I was drunk last night, and I don't know what happened. As I open my eyes I lay down on a white bed. As I look around the room I saw a man came out of the bathroom. It's my co-worker in Taiwan, Jamir. Oh no, why we're in the same room. My body is wrapped with a bedsheet, and I saw my body with no clothes. I feel nervous, and I can't move. I want to disappear. Do I need to talk to him first?.  Then he stands in front of me.

"Hey, Mikka stand up the breakfast is ready." I'm so shy. I do not say any words. I go to the bathroom and put on my clothes.

What should I do? As I told to myself. I get my bag. "Jamir I want to go home, at the company dorm." As I walk he grabbed my arms.

 "No Mikka let's talk about what happened last night." He forced me to sit down and hold my hands. I quickly took off his hands. Then suddenly the room was quiet.

"So what happened? Why we sleep together? How did I come here? Do we have sex?" My voice trembling while talking.

"We're drunk last night and only the two of us left in the KTV bar. I really like you so I brought you to this hotel. And I know you like me too. And yes we have sex. I slapped his face and cried. "Yes I like you but you have a girlfriend and she is my best friend."

Then I took my bag and try to open the door. He hugs me and said, "I love you, please stay for a while." But I run and go away.

Jamir is my best friend's boyfriend. In the first year of their relationship, they are happy. Then my best friend's told me that they have a quarrel every day. She said that her boyfriend changed. He wants to break up but she refused it. Jamir was not showing love at her. He didn't text or call her anymore. But for my best friend, he is still her boyfriend. Before they become in a relationship, Jamir told me that he loves me, and I told him that I love him too. But my best friend is so much like and in love with him. So I told him that we're cannot be lovers.

After a month my best friend and Jamir become lovers. And now, how can I tell my best friend that I have a one-night stand with his boyfriend. After what happened, Jamir always texts me and calls but I didn't reply. My phone is ringing and ringing and I answered it, "Mikka, can we talk? You know that your best friend and I are broke up a month ago.

I tried to love her but in my mind and in my heart you're still there. If you want I talk to your best friend and tell her that you are the one that I love before her." I don't know what to say. I'm not saying any words and I turn off my cellphone. I'm going home to the Philippines for the next two months because it's the end of my working contract. After a month I feel dizzy, I feel sick. "Oh no, what's going on?" My period is irregular but I feel nervous. So I buy a pregnancy test to make sure if I'm pregnant. I'm shocked, the test is positive. My phone ringing, Jamir text me. "Mikka can we have a date? I want to talk to you." I replied to him and said yes.

We met in a fast-food restaurant. I was in the fast-food and as I was sitting there, someone talking behind me. "Hi, Mikka how are you? Thank you for accepting my invitation. I'm so happy to see you. I'm ordered some foods, let us eat first." I saw in his face that he was sincere when he said that he is happy. "I'm here just to say something, it's up to you if you believe. I'm pregnant, and you're the father. But please don't tell anyone about it. I just want you to know it. I'm going home next month and no one will know about it." While eating he said, "I believe in you, and I will do my responsibilities. Just give me your address and phone number in the Philippines. I love you." After eating we back to our dorm. "I don't expect anything from you." As I turned away from him.

Before my flight, my phone is ringing and I answered it. "Hello Mikka, take care always in the Philippines and wait for me." When Jamir finished speaking I said, "thank you." I turned off my cellphone as the airplane is ready to take-off. My parents are waiting for me, and soon I will tell them about my situation. By the way, I'm Mikka from Sta. Rosa, Laguna, ofw from Taiwan.


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