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I pretend to be her cousin to hide our elicit affair form his husband

"My true and wild confession on a Filipina who married foreign national."

For those who are reading my stories just call me Daniel, I am of many OFWs who came to Taiwan to work and earn money for my future. and by the way, I am still single. I have a girlfriend before but our LDR relationship does not work and we ended up into a breakup. I've worked in Taiwan as a factory worker in an electronics company. And since it is an electronic company expects more "chicks", a lot of beautiful girls. I for sure I can have one because I am tall, not dark but handsome. and assure you guys only weak people won't get a girlfriend in Taiwan.
Life in Taiwan was good and safe, you can do everything here. In my first few months, I've already dated a married girl with two children. And I enjoy much together with her, a lot of things in common but except one. I realized that she is just after my money. She always asked 500 or sometimes 1000 and so many alibis before asking for my money. Well, we only lasted for a few months because of that attitude. I break up with her because I am afraid my wallet will be empty and go home with no money.
After I broke up with her I have also flirted with a girl with a single mother. At first, she was very strict, she always mentions that she does not want boys who are just flirting. She is looking for a man who will love also her daughter. And of course, I want her because she is a beautiful and sexy body even she has already a single mom and aside from that, she is so hot in bed. Our relationship has lasted for 9 months because her contract had finished so she has to go home. We tried the LDR relationship but I am bored with that setup but still, we keep on hanging on. There are times that my head is aching because she is always asking for money for their expenses.
A few months more, I have a new relationship but this time this is sinful. Because Bert who just came from the Philippines who come to be in disguise but deep inside is gay. He always treating me outside, eating, and drinking. For me, it's fun because, through him, I forget my problems with my girlfriend. He used to give me money which I accept and I also give to my girlfriend for their expenses. And use to give a huge amount of money in exchange for my "heavy arms". But to make the story short, Bert had broken up me with after he knows that I have a girlfriend in the Philippines.
After what had happened life must go on and I am not ashamed of my relationship though our relationship is just secret. And speaking for that secret, another opportunity had opened my door because, after two months with no affairs, a Pinay who has a foreign husband has crossed my life. She is not that old and just running for 40. She was so kind to me and she loves to hang out with me. We love being together, one time a man was heading to us while we are seating in a convenience store.
Queenie had immediately stand up and seems like she had seen a ghost.
"Hi sweet, meet my cousin and he just came from the Philippines. Do you remember him? I told you last week that he is coming to Taiwan." Queenie said to her husband.
Her husband had shaken my hands and me just giver him a smile. After that, he left us.

Until now our relationship still continues and she is satisfied with my performance that is why we are still here to continue what we are doing.

I hope I can have better advice on what should I do. Will I leave her or will I continue our elicit affairs.


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