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I caught my girlfriend having an affair

10 years ago I had worked as an engineer in Qatar. I'm single when I started working abroad. I want to save money before I get married to my girlfriend Lyca since we're in college. She is a government employee in our town.

Monthly I send Lyca money to save and put it in a bank. I called her on the phone "Lyca I've already sent you money, keep it. Someday our dream house will come true. I love you and take care always." She said over the phone "yes I'm not going to spend it, I'll just keep it in a bank. I love you too and take care."

After 2 years of the contract, I'm going home to the Philippines. I'm so excited to see my girlfriend. I want to surprise her, so I didn't tell him that I will go home and visit her at their house.

I brought Lyca and her family chocolates, flowers, and others. When I'm in front of their house I saw Lyca with another guy. The guy hugs and kisses Lyca. I was shocked. My heartbeat too fast. I can't move. I don't know what to do.

When someone talks behind me, it's Kyra her cousin. "Joel your back." Then suddenly Lyca and the guy looked at me. Lyca comes closer to me as if nothing happened.

"Joel why you're not telling me that you will go home? When did you arrive?" Deep inside I feel anger but I talk to him in a lower voice. "I just want to surprise you, but I'm the one who surprised. I saw you kissed and hug another guy. Why you didn't tell me that you have a new boyfriend? You lied to me." She did not speak.

I go inside my car and drive too fast. It's so much hurt. When I came home, my mother asked me why I'm crying, I just hug her and go to my room.

After an hour, my mother knocked in my room door. "Joel you have a visitor, your girlfriend is here. Talk to him." I came out of the room.

"Why are you here? I don't need your explanation. It's clear that you cheated me. " I'm just here to say sorry, you're too far, I need someone to talk to me every time I have a problem. He's the one always beside me." I want to slap her face, but I'm not that kind of guy. "Where are my money that I send you every month? Give it back to me and be with your new boyfriend." She cried, "I'm sorry, I spent all your money."

I've trusted her but she betrayed me. All my money and dreams are gone. "Go home, I don't want to see you again."

Because of what happened I decided to work here in the Philippines. Then after 1 year, I'm in love again. Myra is a co-worker of my friend and introduced to me and became a lover. We got married. After my wife gave birth to our first baby I'm planning to go abroad again.

My wife and I talked about how to save money. And I told her that I want to work abroad for our future. "Yes, I agree that you want to work abroad but please only a few years because living abroad is very difficult." I know that I will miss my baby and my wife but I want them a good life.

I work again as an engineer in another country. I trusted my wife. I sent her my salary to save for the future and to have a small business.

"Honey it's been 2 years, I'll be back home next month. I'm so excited to see you and our baby. I'm not leaving you again, I know we have savings. We can build a small business. I love you and miss you." My wife answered me, "yes our baby and I are also excited to see you, I love you too."

Wow, here it is I'm here in the Philippines. It feels happy when you are in your own country and house. At night, after my baby's sleep, I asked my wife, "Honey, can I see our bankbook account? I want to know how much our savings." She said, "Honey tomorrow we will talk about it."

The next morning I ask my wife again if where is the bankbook. She doesn't answer me. But I repeat and repeat my question. Then she cried. "Honey we don't have savings. I'm sorry." That time I'm feeling weak, very disappointed.

Again, all my hardship abroad is gone. I tried a lot to have a good future, but my partner doesn't know how to hold money, or how to save. And now I don't want to go abroad. Maybe abroad is not good for me. Or maybe I'm not lucky with my partner.


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