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How long will I hide our relationship with my wife?

"As I drew closer to the house of God, the more the temptations surround me."
As I am working abroad a lot of Christian sects are encouraging me to join their fellowship at first I was hesitant because I am a Catholic. And since I have a long day off every week I decided to join in a certain fellowship in Taiwan. I have noticed that their church mostly consists of middle-aged. And I found it fun to join their fellowship.

By the way, my name is Christoff, I been working as a factory worker in Taiwan for almost 9 years. I left in the Philippines in 2012. I have a wife and a 9 years old kid. I left my child when he was still 1 year old. And the same story with the other OFWs, I decided to work abroad to give a better future to my family. I grew up in Mindoro province and since my parents had gone early we are left in the custody of our grandparents, we been raised in Manila because our grandparents on my mother's side are residing in Manila.

My grandparents have two houses, one is an apartment full of tenants and the other is just for our family. Our grandparents had sent us to school but up to High School only because they can't afford to send us to college, so I decided to study a vocational course so that I can immediately work in manufacturing companies. I took the welding and automotive technology which later I graduated. Right after my schooling, I decided to find a job and luckily I landed in a manufacturing company which is just a mile away from my grandparent's house.

During my day off, I just seat in front of our house while playing my mobile or sometimes a lot of Textmate. And then one day, I saw someone is approaching me.
"Hi, is the landlady is here?" the girl asked
Then she asked me again if my grandma is around because I was not able to respond right away her question. After all, I was struck by her cute smile and tantalizing eyes.
"Ahhh yes, my my my grandma is here", as I answered with unuttered words.
After they talked with my grandma, I approach my grandma if she is that girl.
"Lola, who is that girl?", as I asked her with a little shy.
"Ahh that is our new tenant, they just move 3 days ago.", she replied.
And on that whole day, I just hang out in front of our house, waiting for that beautiful girl to come out but she never comes out again.
The following morning, I was so early in front of our house waiting for that beautiful girl to come out. And this time I was lucky because she coming out early from his apartment, as she was coming out, I approach her and greeted her. She smiles back to me and I asked.
"If you don't mind beautiful girl, may I know your name?", asking her with a little bit nervous.
"Ah, my name is Melody, I am working as a saleslady in a mall near here.", she replied to me as I grabbed her hands to have a handshake to my show respect.

To make the story short, I courted here for about 2 months and I became her boyfriend, It has my happiest moment to have her in my life. Every morning is a beautiful day.
A year later, Melody got pregnant. At first, my grandparents were so upset but its already there so we could not do anything about but to face. After a week we confessed to my grandparents and her parents about the pregnancy we decided to get married through a civil wedding.
Months later our firstborn baby has come to the world. I still remember that it was the happiest day of my life to see him and hold him in my arms. Same with my grandparents, they were so happy to see their grand-grand child.

It's almost one year after my child was born when I was suddenly layoff from my work because our company got bankrupt and I have no choice at that time but find a new job. But looking for a new job in Manila was tough. So I decided to work abroad because I need to sustain my baby, especially his milk is expensive. After two weeks of roaming around Ermita, Manila I was lucky to pass the exam and interview bound to Taiwan. And that time I found hope, hope that I can now give a better future for my child.

A month later we've been dispatched, and the time has come to give farewell to my wife and son. It was my sad day seeing sad with teary-eyed. But I have to go on and face the challenge because this is for the future of my family.

A few months later, my wife has asked permission if it's ok for me that they will temporarily go back to Bacolod. And of course, I don't want to hurt the feelings of my wife. I nod to her suggestion. Time flies fast, my son is already a big boy and my first contract was about to end.
In the last year of my first contract, my friends had invited me to attend a fellowship. And because of friendship, I go with them. At first, I don't like such gathering but eventually, after a couple of times that I had attended the fellowship, it seems like my life has changed. I like already to go with them even in far places during my day off. And there I meet Mica, she is still young and with a beautiful smile. My first glanced on her seems like I hang up because she is beautiful.

As I meet Mica, I don't already skip in all gatherings in fellowship just to see her and mingle with her. And the days go by, I slowly ask permission to court her. Everyday I always texted her a sweet messages and I was so happy that she always replied to all my messages. There are times that we talked a lot about our family, and we did not notice that we are already that close to each other. Until she decided to give her sweet yes to me. I was so happy to be her boyfriend. I feel like every day I am so energetic.

I again renewed my contract for another 3 years so that I will be with Mica. We are already happy with our set-up during the day off after our fellowship we will go out and I can't deny that we are already done many times a sinful thing. I know that it is a sin but we are happy with this. And every day I am always very careful especially my actions and words to my wife.
It's almost my nine years here in Taiwan, and same with Mica it is her 7 years already and we both are going stronger. But despite our long relationship and my ability to hide our case, I still feel the guilt. Because it's almost 9 years yet I was not around with my wife and son. And my son is already studying in Primary.

I don't know if how long would I hide my sinful relationship, will I continue this until 12 years where I was already attached to Mica or will I quit for the sake of my wife and son? I hope anyone will enlighten me by dropping your comments on my story.

Until here my fellow Kabayan,

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