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The Story of an OFW Nurse in London

Gemicah is a 24-year-old nurse in London, United Kingdom. Her monthly salary ranges to P125,000 – P160,000. The reason why she decided to work abroad is mainly because of her family. She is the eldest child and need to earn enough to provide the needs and help her family. She also wanted to try things that would challenge her life and become independent.

She had a three-year contract with the hospital where she was worked on  as a nurse. Living in London made her happy because she enjoyed her job and also the country; it was her dream to travel to another place. Talking about struggles as an OFW, Gemicah experienced home sickness because of being away from her family. She had to learn to do things by her own and become independent, since there was no single family member that would help her while working abroad. She also needs to stay healthy always because it’s very hard to be ill since no one will take care of her. Holidays also made her sad because mostly she needs to spend it alone, especially during Christmas and New Year.

Moreover, working abroad for Gemicah gave her also a chance to travel to other countries since other countries in Europe are so accessible. One year of working in London gave her the opportunity to travel four countries already. She managed also buy the things she wants for her family as “Pasalubong” for them. Gemicah earned enough money to enjoy her life working and living in London.

Indeed, she realized how blessed she was to be able to work abroad and became fortunate with her job as a nurse. She also reminded herself that nothing comes easy, if we want to achieve great things we need to be flexible and accept the challenges ahead and make great sacrifices. The family will always be the top priority for Gemicah, she will do everything to provide them the comfort in life.

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