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OFW shares her successful story as an entrepreneur

Working overseas is not an easy decision to make and a tough job for every Filipino who chooses to leave their families to find better opportunity in other countries. Insufficient monthly income is the common reason why they go abroad, to support the needs of their families and to provide comfortable life for them.

A nurse in New Zealand named Crestine Carson worked in the said country for eight years, even though she had already the job it was still not enough to give the needs of her family in the Philippines once her contract expires and settle back home for good.

Crestine decided to go home after years of working in New Zealand. She realized that in a simple vacation of her, she spent big amount of money to treat her family, relatives, and friends. It was not a good experience and lesson for Crestine.

“I heard Overseas Filipino Workers do that. They have no money in the bank and they go home to the Philippines or they bring home their savings as an OFW and spend them all,” she said in an interview with entrepreneur Bo Sanchez.

Crestine doesn’t want to experience that once again, so she decided to plan for a long-term business with her five sisters because she doesn’t want to help by just giving them money all the time, she wanted to help them to earn money instead.

Buy-and-sell of cellphones was the first business they started. However, it failed after several attempts of supporting their business; it just burned a hole in her pocket. Crestine was sad on that time because she was used to earn 6-digits a month when she was still working abroad.

In 2013, Crestine and her sisters started to opened up a shakes and smoothies business in front of their house in Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur. Their business went well because the customers loved the taste of their products and started to share their experiences with their friends.

Four years after, Crestine’s business expanded up to 33 more branches all over the country. Crestine also released an electronic book titled “How I stopped the Habit of Remittance Yet Helped My Family More” this is to inspire other OFWs with her successful story an OFW turned entrepreneur.

She quoted in her book, “We had big dreams yet started really small… I fell that I found a deeper mission as an OFW/immigrant. As we grow our business, we want to share our success to other OFWs and their families.”


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