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OFW shared horrifying abuse experienced caused by her Saudi employer

Agnes Mancilla started working in Saudi Arabia as a domestic helper on 2016. Unfortunately, during her work at her employer’s house, she experienced horrifying abuse done by her boss that caused to rush her to the hospital to seek medical treatment. She said that the employer forced her to drink household bleach because she failed to make tea properly. This was the reason why her employer got mad at her and did such thing.

The employer also was not feeding her except coffee for one month and 16 days. Agnes was also forced to do household chores overtime from 5 a.m to 2 a.m every single day.  She added that her employer always bite her every time she commit mistakes. Her family had no contact with her for two years because her employer confiscated her cellphone. Agnes was very frightened for her life during her work with her abusive employer.

Fortunately, the Department of Foreign Affairs rescued Agnes and visited by the Consul General Edgar Badajos of the Philippine Consulate General in Jeddah at the King Fahd Central Hospital in Jizan in Southwestern Saudi Arabia. Agnes was rushed to the hospital unconscious and confined at the ICU because of the too much danger done by her employer. Consul General Badajos made a promise to Agnes after she regain her consciousness that he will do his best to ensure proper charges to be filed against her employer.

Indeed, not all overseas Filipino workers are lucky enough to have a respectful employer. There are those who experienced abuses that lead them to death.

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