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I fall in love to a married OFW

Have you ever tried to fall in love to a person who has already committed to someone? Yes, a married man, Hi by the way my name is Olive a OFW and like the others I fall in love to a married man.

It's been quite sometimes when I became a single mom, sometime my co-workers teases me if when will I have a new BF because I not getting young. But I told them that, "at the right time."

One day, a new workers was introduced to me by my supervisor, she said that I must teach him all kinds of operation we had. I was struck upon seeing him, he nice body built, tall and handsome. Every time he will approached to me asked for a question, I tend to look his tantalizing eyes. And times goes on that she always greeted me and he already share the story of his life. That things makes me pulled even closer to him. And months later, we did not noticed that we are already closed to each other. And one night, he asked me if I could be her girlfriend. I was shaking and excited upon reading those text messages and without second thought I responded a big yes to him.

We often go out during our day off. Often lovemaking had happened to us. Then months later we both decided to rent an apartment so that we can saved a money rather than staying at hotels. So we rented an apartment secretly, and we see to it that no one will know especially my church. They will not allow such things living wth a married man.

There are times that I am in his side while he is talking or video call with his wife. And I just silently ignore everything as long as I am on his side and I am happy with what I have.

Then one day, he decided to take a vacation, and I can't do anything about it but support what ever he wants. He asked permission to me if he could take two weeks vacation. Then as days goes by, no messages I received from him. And two weeks had passed by but no face of Vince I've seen.

I tried to contact him but I was blocked in his facebook account which is the only communication we had. I have no idea where I can talk to him, I was crying the whole time in our apartment and I remember all his caress to me and the love he showed to me but in just click, he got lost out of my life. 

Years later, I already move on to what had happened to me, until today I miss his touch and cares to me. I know that God has a better plan for me. And I know that Vince is now happy together with his wife.

I hope everyone can get a lesson to my story

Loving you,
Olive OFW from South Korea

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