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OFW abused in Kuwait shares her painful story

Every year there are many Filipina who go abroad to work as a domestic helper in many parts of the world. They choose to work miles away because they want to provide the needs of their family and give them a bright future. Unfortunately, not all overseas Filipino workers are lucky enough to have respectful employers. This is what happened to our fellow Filipino while working abroad.

Fatima (not her real name) a 25-year-old OFW who worked in Kuwait as a domestic helper was abused by her female employer. She got many burns because her employer always put hot water on her back to wake her up. Fatima also claimed that her employer hit her head on the wall many times while she was working. She was able to ask help when her employer brought her to the Kuwait office of the recruitment agency who managed her documents. The agency provided assistance to Fatima and contacted the Philippine Embassy to seek help regarding the situation of Fatima being abused by her employer. They saw the wounds and burns on Fatima’s body.

The Philippine Embassy helped Fatima to file a case against her employer. Fatima’s employer was immediately arrested and imprisoned. In a subsequent trial, the Kuwaiti court ordered Fatima’s boss to pay her two million pesos damages for the “grave abused” she experienced. The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) put Fatima’s employer on the OWWA blacklist to prevent her to hire another Filipina again and might be a victim like what Fatima experience. They also gave Fatima a scholarship and conducted psychological counselling for her to forget the sufferings she had in Kuwait.

Fatima might have escaped her nightmare for good, but the marks and scars that her body suffered will be permanent evidence of the abused she had. Although Fatima experienced those sufferings, she was still willing to grab the chance to work again abroad if there will be an opportunity for her.

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