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My painful story being an OFW in Singapore

By the way, I am Mildred, 25 years old from the province of Bulacan. I am an OFW in Singapore. As an OFW I want to share with you my story on how I came to this life.

Try and try until you succeed, this is what I always said when I am constantly rejected to what I am doing in my life especially for applying for a job. I am not like the others who finished their school and get a good course that's why they are quick to hire the company they are applying for. I am only a High School Graduate, because of the poverty were experience, my parents couldn't afford to study me in college. So I tried to venture in Manila to apply for a job abroad to help my family, but I always unlucky and no one accepted me. However, I didn't give up so I continued applying for work.

Since I am not giving up on life, one day I applied again in Manila I saw an agency that needs a Domestic Helper in Singapore so I inquired inside and the guard let me in and the staff gave me an application form. I filled out the application form and submitted it to the staff. It got to the point that my name was called for the interview. The interviewer simply asked me why I wanted to work abroad and why I wanted to apply for a DH. My answer to them is simple and I said: "for my family that's why I want to go abroad to give them a better life". And I also told them "it's not bad being a DH because it's a noble job that should not be embarrassed especially if you don't care about others". In the meantime, the Lord heard my request and I was finally hired. I was very happy at those times and I immediately told my parents about it.

The day of my departure came, with my family they took me to the airport. My joy is suddenly replaced by sadness especially when I see my parents while I am away from them. I cried and I hugged them tightly because I could not hold them together for so long. It is very painful when you leave your loved ones behind. But I told myself that I am doing this because of them, to give them a good life. All the hardships I will suffer for them.

Our plane arrived at Singapore airport. There has an agency's staff that waiting for and pick us and we brought at the office. When we came to the office I met my employer and they took me to their house where I work. Their house is quite big, spacious and beautiful. I thought at first that my employer was not good but when I talked to them, I made a mistake because they are very kind. I thank God for giving me a good employer. My employer doesn't care about my work as long as I will perform my job well. They also gave me a day off every Sunday.

As an OFW my job is very hard because it is all around but I can do it for the sake of my family and because of the kindness of my employers I will serve them well because I don't want them to be disappointed with me. I don't want also to lose their trust that they will give me as a helper. I am very happy when I receive my salary because I can send it to my family in the Philippines. I also called them to ask how are they. When I'm getting my day off I'll go to the beautiful places in Singapore and I have met a lot of Pinay people there and I can buy a few things that I can bring to the Philippines for my family.

Until now, I'll continue to serve my employer. I am so much happy and blessed right now because I have given my family the good life they now enjoy. Our house is already built and I gave my parents a small sari-sari store and of course, I am continuing to help them.

So I'm thankful to God for not letting me down and helping me to achieve my dream that I wanted for my family. Even though I did not finish college I was still lucky in the blessings that I enjoy now just because of being a DH so that I was never ashamed of my job because it gave me a good life.

For others, I can only advise you not to give up on the things you want to achieve. You won't get it right away but the day will come when it will be given to you as long as you trust yourself.

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