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My painful story being an OFW in Singapore

By the way, I am Mildred, 25 years old from the province of Bulacan. I am an OFW in Singapore. As an OFW I want to share with you my story on how I came to this life.

Try and try until you succeed, this is what I always said when I am constantly rejected to what I am doing in my life especially for applying for a job. I am not like the others who finished their school and get a good course that's why they are quick to hire the company they are applying for. I am only a High School Graduate, because of the poverty were experience, my parents couldn't afford to study me in college. So I tried to venture in Manila to apply for a job abroad to help my family, but I always unlucky and no one accepted me. However, I didn't give up so I continued applying for work.

Since I am not giving up on life, one day I applied again in Manila I saw an agency that needs a Domestic Helper in Singapore so I inquired inside and the guard let me in and the staff gave me an application form. I filled out the application form and submitted it to the staff. It got to the point that my name was called for the interview. The interviewer simply asked me why I wanted to work abroad and why I wanted to apply for a DH. My answer to them is simple and I said: "for my family that's why I want to go abroad to give them a better life". And I also told them "it's not bad being a DH because it's a noble job that should not be embarrassed especially if you don't care about others". In the meantime, the Lord heard my request and I was finally hired. I was very happy at those times and I immediately told my parents about it.

The day of my departure came, with my family they took me to the airport. My joy is suddenly replaced by sadness especially when I see my parents while I am away from them. I cried and I hugged them tightly because I could not hold them together for so long. It is very painful when you leave your loved ones behind. But I told myself that I am doing this because of them, to give them a good life. All the hardships I will suffer for them.

Our plane arrived at Singapore airport. There has an agency's staff that waiting for and pick us and we brought at the office. When we came to the office I met my employer and they took me to their house where I work. Their house is quite big, spacious and beautiful. I thought at first that my employer was not good but when I talked to them, I made a mistake because they are very kind. I thank God for giving me a good employer. My employer doesn't care about my work as long as I will perform my job well. They also gave me a day off every Sunday.

As an OFW my job is very hard because it is all around but I can do it for the sake of my family and because of the kindness of my employers I will serve them well because I don't want them to be disappointed with me. I don't want also to lose their trust that they will give me as a helper. I am very happy when I receive my salary because I can send it to my family in the Philippines. I also called them to ask how are they. When I'm getting my day off I'll go to the beautiful places in Singapore and I have met a lot of Pinay people there and I can buy a few things that I can bring to the Philippines for my family.

Until now, I'll continue to serve my employer. I am so much happy and blessed right now because I have given my family the good life they now enjoy. Our house is already built and I gave my parents a small sari-sari store and of course, I am continuing to help them.

So I'm thankful to God for not letting me down and helping me to achieve my dream that I wanted for my family. Even though I did not finish college I was still lucky in the blessings that I enjoy now just because of being a DH so that I was never ashamed of my job because it gave me a good life.

For others, I can only advise you not to give up on the things you want to achieve. You won't get it right away but the day will come when it will be given to you as long as you trust yourself.

OFW's may we called it as a Hero

Filipinos overseas workers experience a riskiness when they travel and work abroad.  OFW's are sacrificing in many ways to provide for the better life of their families.  They are heroes in their own lives and rights because they live to help their families.  And sometimes even when they don't know other people they are willing to help and support when they need it.

Heroes think of other people first before thinking of their own interests.  They are unique people who sacrifice themselves only for the sake of others.  Overseas and migrant workers face enormous challenges that all they have to bear is their belief, hope and determination to achieve their purpose in life.  OFW's are striving for their children to be nurtured and to secure a good future and to live the life they dream of.

OFW's are courageous, self-determined, did not scared their lives, have a golden heart and do many things to make them heroes of all people.  What they do well is a call of duty to help their families, to help their country and sometimes even put themselves at risk to help others.

An OFW can be called a hero for sacrificing a part of themselves to help other people in need.  They can also be called heroes because they are able to smile at others despite the trials and challenges they face in life while being away from their loved ones.  If other people feel better because of the help of OFW's they can also be called heroes.  If all this is done by an OFW, they are a heroes in the hearts of the people.


"When opportunity comes, grab it. regrets are in the end" The most read story of OFW from Taiwan

Some says, "When opportunity comes, grab it. regrets are in the end", which mostly happened in our life.

My name is John, a OFW, who takes chances to work abroad. Though money isn't really our problem and because I want to gain a financial indepence from my family. I decided to work abroad to stand and learn on my own. I say to become independent because my family is able to give us the things we want, as my mother is working in United States, she always give us the allowances for our personal expenses. And even though I am already working as Technical Engineer in one of the giant electronics company in the Philippines, my mom never forgets to give us an allowance.

My mom has worked abroad for a longer time and once in a blue moon happened to get us together. I was raised by my Aunts because my mom was not around since I was a child.

To make the story short, I decided to work abroad so that I can learn how to be financially independent. I try to apply for a jobs in two agencies which my bestfriend had refered to me. I wake up early morning at 3:00 to prepare everything then depart from our house at around 4:00 am so that I can go early to apply. When applyin for job it takes a patience, standing and waiting to a long lines of applicants. Sometimes I would experience a bad tempered agency staff, so it really need patience when applying for a job especially when your from 4 hours commute from Cavite. The virtue of patience is really needed.

Aside from exercising your patience to the highest level, here comes our government offices. Getting documents is more harder than applying for job in an agencies.

To fast forward, I was hired from one of the agency that had been refered to me by my bestfriend. I resigned from my work and of course I also bid a temporary good bye to my girlfriend. Promises and vows to each other as we are to experience a long distance relationship, and it is not easy to be in distance with your love ones. I and my girlfriend is almost 6 years and counting and getting stronger though for now we are in long distance relationship. There are times that weexperience a little misunderstanding but we are able to handle everything as long as there is a constant communication, trust and love to each other.

Being an OFW is not easy, I can say that now I feel what my mom feels of being alone, away from his children and love ones. In working abroad I able to learn how to mingle and respects others. Though sometimes I experience a little misunderstanding to my co-workers but things is getting better as time goes by. Being an OFW is a sacfrice of everything for the brighter future and learning more valuable lesson in real world of overseas workers.


" I will never changed to my wife" despite of long distance relationship

Philippines is one of the country in the world that sends overseas workers. And based on the social data 70 percent of the relationships and families are ruined due to long distance relationships. But for me and my wife is getting better as time goes by, by the way, my name is Christian, a OFW from the province of Laguna.

Today, I would like to share my story of being a simple OFW, hoping that some aspiring OFW would learn my experience. Being far from Metro Manila, I have to wake up early at around 3:00 in the morning and leave our house at around 4:00 am, because I always believe on the saying as says "early bird catches worms" it quite odd but its true. Every time I will hunt a jobs in random agencies, I will wake up early so that I can also go home early.

Job hunting takes a lot of sacrifices, There ar times I experience of being rejected for the position that we are applying for, I sometimes feel stressed and depressed. But I always stand up and goes on. Faith and Hope are my only weapon in facing the obstacles that comes along my way.

To make the story short, I got a job abroad after several times of trying to find a job in several agencies. I spend more than 100 thousand pesos including my fare, foods, documents, medicals and placement fee. Its quite expensive to achieve your dream job. But despite of huge amount, I always think on the positive side. Because if I will remain working in government agencies nor working in private sectors, I cannot save a money for our dream future.

Today, I am working here abroad,so my chances of achieving my dream future is quite bigger. Though sometimes I feel homesick but its normal for us OFW. And now a days we have so many things out there to heal our homesick.

Lastly, I would like to share an lesson of being OFW. You should always identify your needs and wants so that you can save money because not the rest of our life we will be working abroad.

"Never give up despite of several rejection" - A must read story of a OFW

"If we have dreams in life, we should make a way and strive hard to achieve it or else the burden of failure will always be on us until the end." This is the motto that always keep on reminding on me to try and never lost hope despite of several rejection I been through because of my height. Before I continue to share my story, I would like to humbly introduce myself. I am Seath from the province of Ilocos.

It was five years ago when I went to Metro Manila to look for job. As my dream before, is to work abroad. I decided to apply for a job to Taiwan despite of my height, most of the agencies for Taiwan are looking for a tall applicants. Several times that I been rejected, I even try to wore plenty of socks just to reached the limit that had been set by the employer but I was caught by the staff of the agency and they rejected me. But I never lost hope despite of stress and depression I been through everytime that I am being rejected.

I took seven months for me to land a job bound to Taiwan. From our province in Ilocos I went to Manila to find jobs in agencies. I would rent a bed space in Manila while applying because our province is mile away from the capital of the Philippines. Every day I will wake early morning to patiently look for any hiring. Walking under the heat of the sun keeps tiring and there are times that I could not even take my lunch or sometimes I take a late lunched. Most of the agencies that I applied to will always said that they will call me if there are any hiring but of course, I would not risk my opportunity on that agency alone. I would go around and tirelessly send my resume hoping that I could land a job abroad. It was my daily routine until I found an agency which do not requires height limit. So I grab it and It was maybe my lucky day because I was able to pass all the interviews and examinations.

I immediately called my mom to tell her that I got a job and our dream house will soon to rise.  My family and I were all happy for the good news. To make it short I was able to abroad, I have learn a lot being an OFW. First you must know how to mingle and have respect to each other. Little by little I started our dream house, my family had decided to make it bigger. In working abroad and achieving my dreams, I always think the needs and wants. At present our dream house is almost finished.

As of now, I still here and lucky enough to have job abroad. I will make some advice to aspiring applicants going abroad that do not be depressed never lost hope because If we fight with prayers then nothing is impossible we can surpass every obstacles that comes in our life.


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