The Masskara Festival

Masskara Festival is an annual festival celebrated in the Philippines.  This festival is held on the fourth Sunday of October in the province of Bacolod, Philippines.  Bacolod Public Plaza, Lacson Tourism Strip, and Bacolod Government Center are among the places where the Masskara Festival is held.

The word Masskara comes from two words first meaning mass and the Spanish word "Cara" for the face.  The Masskara festival was first born in 1980 to add color and grace to the Bacolod City festival on its October 19 Charter Day anniversary.

The MassKara Festival is also known as the celebration of smiles because of their traditional smiling masks.

The MassKara festival has unique and exciting events that even first-timer travelers can enjoy.  To make the most of the celebrations, here are some tips for first-timers tourists who love the Masskara Festival:

1. You must wear comfortable shoes and clothes.  The festival center is on Lacson Street where the more people here are enjoying the event.

2. Must bring an umbrella because the weather can't tell when it is sunny or rainy, so make sure that the Bacolod weather report is already updated.

3. For tourists, taste the most famous chicken inasal in Bacolod.  This food you can find anywhere in Bacolod, it also has food stalls and restaurants.

4. Capture the most beautiful scenery.  Bacolod Public Plaza is a great place to host street performances and is always the venue for the dance arena.

5. Be ahead of time.  Go to the streets an hour before the events begin.  Street dancing usually starts at 2pm so make sure you're in a good spot.

How to go there:

From Metro Manila -  ride a plane going to Bacolod City ( travel time is only 50 minutes)

From Bacolod Silay Airport - take a shuttle (P150 /head), taxi or Grab a car going to your hotel.

Going to Bacolod City is also accessible by sea ad RORO vessels.

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