Sirao Flower Farm: The Little Amsterdam of Cebu

What's so special and nice about Sirao Garden? Amsterdam in the Netherlands is one of the places most popular for their beautiful flower gardens. Here' s another part of Cebu that's inspired by another country. A place in Cebu known for its colorful arrangement of flowers that bloom around, it is definitely one of the main attracting tourists from all over the country and even foreigners. It is the so-called "LITTLE AMSTERDAM OF CEBU".A hundred different varieties of flowers with interesting and colorful selfie corners featuring the most popular " Caring Hands".The famous "Sirao Flower Farm" is situated in a mountain barangay of Cebu City, about 30-45 minutes away from JY, Lahug, Cebu City. The flower garden was established by a former flight attendant, Mrs.Elena Sy Chua.

Unlike Amsterdam's famous tulips, the highlight of Sirao Garden is the celosia flower, also known as (wool flowers or cockscombs) in flame colors: yellow, red and orange. Besides Celosia, other assortments of flowers are developed in the garden. Flowers like sunflower, chrysanthemum, daisy, and aster are among the flowers that give an ideal edge to picture taking. Relax with nature with your friends and family in this beautiful destination in the Philippines.

This place is a garden lovers paradise that you can Instagrammed to your hearts contains. The ideal backdrop for prenuptial and wedding shoots. The locals keep adding cute decorations like little replicas of Dutch, replicas structure windmills and more figures with colorful streamers on the other side of the place to give further spot selections to the visitors. You'll also see "selfie corners",  native tree house, and swing. The scenery of nature is the main concept of the place to give the visitors the view of the mountains, the scent of flowers,  and the freshness of the air.

   Sirao has two gardens;

1. The Sirao Pictorial Garden and Camping Site are the nearest if you will be coming from JY Square Mall, which has a swimming pool, fountains and camping grounds.

2. The Sirao Flower Farm, it's a little up North. This is the farm with windmills and " Little Amsterdam" signage.


>This is a popular destination, expect that these places can get a little crowded. It is best to arrive here before 8 a.m in the morning.
>Motorcycles are the cheapest and quickest means to go to the flower garden, most tourists would prefer this.
>Make sure to check the batteries of cameras or cellular phones. Low batteries are major disasters in a pictorial moment.

How to get Sirao Flower Farm?


Via Habal Habal

      From Cebu proper, get to JY Square and look for a habal habal (local term for motorcycle) driver to bring you to Sirao Flower Farm. The fare costs around Php400 to Php500(for 2 pax) roundtrip while travel time takes 30 – 45 minutes.

Via Taxi

    From the metro, you can also hire a taxi going to Sirao Flower Farm. Use GrabCar or Uber to find a good driver. They don’t usually use the meter for this trip instead use your haggling skills and come to an agreed fixed rate.

Via Private Cars

       If you are driving to Sirao Flower Farm, let’s not make life difficult. Type in Sirao Garden in your favorite Google Map to guide you. There are parking lots situated outside Sirao Flower Farms and it should not be hard to find a space as locals will assist you where to park.

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