Visit the Beautiful Nature of Albay in Bicol

If you're looking for an escape from your busy urban lifestyle, find out what makes Albay special not only to its locals but tourists around the world.These places will surely make your vacation a one of a kind experience.

Albay is a paradise destination located in the Bicol Region of Southeastern Luzon of the Philippines.Tourists know the province more as home to the spectacular and famous Mt.Mayon Volcano, the crown jewel of the region.Definitely Mayon Volcano is Albays' pride, which is considered as a perfect cone shaped volcano.One of the many reasons why tourists flock the city.Mayons' name derived from the local word "Magayon" which means beautiful.The province is a complete destination for travellers who are after leisure, adventure and new experience.

Albay--or Bicol in general -- is also rich in natural tourist spots that come with the freshest air and breathtaking views.The region of Bicol has a lot of things to offer such as beaches, diving sites, antique churches, other heritagr sites, mountains,  hills, caves and waterfalls.

This place makes for a great city tour destination because many great attractions are situated very near each other.It has the Albay Park and wildlife, which provides its local residents a vast space for communing with nature and exotic animals.If you're adventurous and is up to do something extreme, you can go for an ATV ride get near to the foot of Mayon.

Aside from beautiful places in Albay, you must try their authentic Bicolano dishes food.Albay are known for their love and liking to spicy food.From their famous Bicol Express to their sili ice cream, sili fruit shakes, pili nuts, pinangat and tinumok which is one of Bicols trademark food.Try Waway's Bicol Express and other Bicolano dishes.If you're not spicy lover , you can go to Four Seasons for their chicken or Bigg's Diner for a satisfying meal.

 With so many places to visit and activities to experience in Albay, I recommend to visit all of this tourist attractions.

1.Mayon Volcano
2.Cagsawa Ruins
3.Ligñon hill nature park
4.Vera falls
5.Kawa-kawa hill
6.The last supper
7.VI Station
8.Embarcadero de Legazpi
9.Joroan Church
10.Danao Lake
11.Japanese Tunnels
12.Misibis Bay resort and casino
13.Cagraray eco park
14.Daraga Church
15.Hoyop-Hoyopan Cave
16.Peñaranda Park

How to get to Albay


By Plane

There are regular flights to and from Manila and Legazpi City. The flight takes approximately an hour and ten minutes. Look for seat sales to get the cheapest possible return tickets. You may have to book several months in advance to buy tickets with the biggest discount.

By Land

 If you ‘re unable to score cheap flights, you have the option to take the bus. Buses regularly depart Metro Manila from Cubao and other stations to Legazpi.Some buses have their own toilet hence the higher price. The trip takes around 9 to 12 hours depending on traffic. You can take a day or overnight trip.


       If you’re coming from Naga, it is easy to visit Legazpi City. There are buses and vans that depart for Legazpi daily and almost every hour. You can find the terminal near SM Naga.The trip can take up to three hours.


     There are regular buses that depart from the city bus station. They either go to Legazpi or passes by it.The trip takes around an hour.

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