Experience Kawa Bath at El Patio Razon in Tanay, Rizal

Looking for a serene place to meditate and relax? Well, El Patio Razon is the perfect place for you! A place you can let go of all of your stress and release negativities. Visit and create a new unforgettable experience with your friends, families or partner. El Patio Razon can also be where you hold your team buildings or your next celebration.

El Patio Razon is located at Sitio Maysawa, Brgy. Cuyambay Tanay, Rizal. It is a privately owned resthouse and originally was just a "Bahay bakasyunan" of Mr. And Mrs.Razon but due to lack of time to manage it, the owners decided to open for public use and made it into a business. It is high up on one of the slopes of Tanay, Rizal. Approximately just a 2 hr. drive from Manila, experience breathtaking views and the cool fresh air.

Try to explore new things in the mountain, try the first-ever resort near the Metro Manila that offers Kawa Bath. Yes, you read it right.No need to go far just to experience Kawa Bath. You don't have to spend much money to travel to Antique, you could experience it in El Patio Razon. Kawa Bath is a bath that you look like you're being boiled alive, but don't worry, the fire is just to keep it as warm as you want. One Kawa is good for a group of people below 10 persons. Filled it with warm water, fresh or colorful flowers floating on top of the hot water bath that makes for a fresh and relaxing experience that will ease your senses, plus amazing scenery.

Aside from the most popular Kawa Bath in El Patio Razon, they offer amenities/activities that help your mind and body relax.

>The Hobbit House
       We all know how expensive it is to go to New Zealand and see the famous "Hobbiton". It is a resemblance to the house from the movie " The Hobbit".It is possible to stay overnight in this tiny room--but this is only good for 2 pax.

       It is usually included when you stay for a night at El Patio Razon. Enjoy the night by having a bonfire while enjoy chatting with your friends and loved ones.

>Love Locks
         Seal your love with love locks, where lovers lock a padlock symbolically locking their love forever. Writing your names and locking your promises with each other.

>Kiddie Pool
      It is open on weekends and when there are big groups that are visiting. Bring your own food, No CORKAGE FEE.

>The Heart Lane
      The hearts lane is just right in front of the Hobbit House. Flowers that are formed in a heart-shaped

>Bali Nest
       Bali inspired nest, no need to go to Indonesia to take a photo.

>You can try horseback riding for an hour

>There is also a Basketball court where you can freely play anytime.

>You can even try to jump on their Trampoline for free.

🌞 Day Tour ( picture taking only)

* Entrance fee: 80 / head (4hrs below), 150 / head (4hrs & up)

* Kawa bath: 300 / hr good for sharing
* Hobbit house: 2500 (9am-6pm) with free 1 kawa for 1hr use, entrance fee included (need a reservation)
* Tent (plus an entrance fee of 150) - You can bring your own tent or rent to them (need reservation)
1️⃣ 500 good for 2
2️⃣ 700 good for 3 -4
3️⃣ 1500 good for 6 -8

* Kubo (resthouse) : 3500 (9am-6pm) good for 5pax, exceeding in 5 additional 300/pax with free 1kawa for 1hr use for groups less than 10pax (need reservation, entrance fee included)
* Gazebo (plus entrance fee of 150) : 1000 (9am-6pm)
* Enclosed Garden (plus entrance fee of 150): 1000 (9am-6pm)
* Pavillion (plus entrance fee of 150) : 1500 (9am-6pm)

For picture taking and kawa bath First come first serve. No need for a reservation

🌝 Overnight (need reservation)

📍Hobbit house 3500 / night good for two pax only with free 1kawa for 1hr use and bonfire
📍Tent 250 / head entrance fee. You can bring your own tent or rent to them, with a bonfire
1️⃣ 500 good for 2
2️⃣ 700 good for 3 -4
3️⃣ 1500 good for 6-8

📍Kubo (resthouse) - 6000 / night good for five, exceeding in five additional 800 / head can accommodate up to 20person with free 1kawa for 1hr use and bonfire

‼️Expect that there is no electricity in the resort but the generator is available at night.
‼️Bringing your own food is recommended since they don’t have a restaurant. But snacks are available in their small store.
‼️Please note that the rates may change without prior notice.

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