Boracay Island: The best island in the world

Do you wanna see the most beautiful sunsets? Chill on one of the most amazing beaches in the world? Discover the best island in the world, Boracay Island. Boracay is a small island in the Philippines, it is located in the Central Philippines, Province of Aklan. The name came from the local word bora (bubbles) and bocay (white) because Ati elders amazed at the resemblance of the white sand to water bubbles. It is famous for being one of the world's top destinations for relaxation.

Boracay Island and its beaches have received awards from numerous travel publications and agencies. It's known for its resorts and beaches. Known as a beach playground, there are plenty of thrilling activities to do in Boracay for the adventurer such as the thrilling parasailing, the wonders you will see when you do helmet diving and ATV ride. There are also activities geared towards the entire family such as banana boat ride, fly fish ride, and Boracay island tour.

There are countless lovely beaches and you can find some quiet with the season Baling Hai Beach or Puka Beach, which you can visit on an island-hopping adventure. The time you will spend in Boracay can never go boring, for there are a lot of things you can do. Whether you are adventurous, a bucket list destination for kite surfers, and dream come true for everyone in-- between. It is blessed with a superb long white sand beach, crystal clear and azure waters, and a stunning sunset. Boracay has become a prime tourist destination for local and foreign tourists.

The best season to experience the island and its beaches are from December to May, the dry season in the Philippines. A lot of tourists visit the island during this time to meet new friends and create new memories.

New Rules and Regulation in Boracay

You must have a hotel pre-booked before they will let you get on the boat to Boracay. There is no eating or drinking on the beach, no smoking, no fire dancing, and no commercial sandcastles.When shopping for souvenir items, tourists will have to look elsewhere and not at the beachfront, as shops and hawkers along the beach will be banned. There will be no installation of electrics lights on the beachfront, and casinos will be totally banned in the island. Adventurous tourists who wish to ride the 'habal habal" or single motorcycles can no longer do this as will already be banned. These restrictions envisioned to be enjoyed not just by the current generation, but for the next generation to come.

Best things to do in Boracay

3.Island hopping
4. Stand up Paddling
5.Ride the fly fish
6.ATV ride
7.Become a Mermaid and get a photoshoot
8.Food trip
9.Sunset watching
10. Go on sailing adventure with a Paraw
11.Explore Boracay Beaches and Islands by boat
12.Explore the underwater world with scuba diving
13. Go helmet diving
14. Get a massage

How to get to Boracay

From Manila, fly to Kalibo or Caticlan. If Kalibo, take a bus or van at the airport to Caticlan Jetty Port. Pay the terminal fee, environmental fee, and ferry fare. Board the ferry to Boracay. Caticlan, just take a tricycle to Caticlan jetty port and follow the same steps.

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