Be amazed with the beauty of Enchanting Kaparkan Falls in Abra

Have you ever seen not just one, but a lot of natural-made infinity pools? It looks like a famous terraced waterfall in Vietnam or Laos. It is a terrace of natural pools of overflowing water that stretched its way down among some trees at the mountainside. The Philippines is blessed with a lot of beautiful waterfalls, but nothing can compete with Kaparkan Falls in Abra. Also known as Mulawin Falls as commonly called by the locals is a multi-tiered waterfall that became famous about 3 or 4 years ago when a group of mountaineers has discovered it. Kaparkan Falls are found in Sitio Kaparkan, Barangay Caganayan, Tineg in Abra Province.

Kaparkan Falls is one of the hidden gems of Abra. Tucked in the middle of the forest, these natures wonder is best enjoyed during the rainy season. It has refreshingly cold waters that will help alleviate stress as well as relax your muscles. You really can't say No to the clear water because it was so inviting to swim if you have enough energy and strength. You can go down at the lagoon, from there you will see the view of Tineg river and the end of the Kaparkan falls. It does not have the grandeur of other famous waterfalls, but its unique landscape more than made for it. You cannot find one similar to it. Unless you go to Vietnam or Laos to see something similar.

It's a majestic sight to behold--layers and layers of white limestone terraces, filled with basins of water to bathe on. If the main waterfall area isn't enough, you can also trek down for another 10-15 minutes to see more lagoons. The limestone edges of the pools look slippery but are very safe to walk along barefoot. This waterfall is one big reason to go to Abra. Not because of its size, but its extraordinary appearance. The Kaparkan season is from July to September, but if the rains happen to start early then the season could begin earlier in June and even be extended if the rains carry on until October. Since the waterfalls dry during the other half of the year.

The trip from Bangued Abra going to Kaparkan falls in not for the weak and faint heart. To reach this amazing fall is not a joke. The road trail calls it "Hell Ride". The road going through is very muddy and rocky. But it is well worth the ride once you get through it and reach the Kaparkan falls. The monster jeep or military trucks need to secure chains to the tires so it can trudge through the path in the mountains. The monster jeep/truck is a novelty ride so it can be fun if it's your first time getting on one and also you can meet more friends.


>The carrying capacity of the waterfall is 100 pax. Each batch is given 3 hours to enjoy the falls. If you arrived late in Bangued, you might be queued to the next batch so I suggest getting there as early as possible.

>After arrival in Kaparkan falls, you may get a guide to lead you to the blue lagoons. Oooppps..make sure to give your guides a generous tip.

>There is no electricity in the vicinity nor mobile network coverage so make sure to charge your gadgets, bring extra power and inform significant people in your lives of where you are going.

>Wash-up area can be found in DPWH or other nearby establishments in the town proper.

>LEAVE NO TRACE. Kaparkan Falls and other wonders of nature are just too precious to ruin and bastardize.

Things to bring

*Reusable bottled water, small bottled waters are not allowed.

*Drybag for gadgets

*Insect repellent

*change of clothes

How to get there?

Kaparkan Falls can be found at Sitio Kaparkan, Barangay Caganayan, Tineg, Abra.

1. From Cubao, ride a bus (Partas or Dominion) going to Bangued, Abra (8 hours).

2. Once you arrive at the bus terminal, take a tricycle to the place of orientation (either at DWPH headquarters or Farinas restaurant). There you will need to complete a registration form and waiver, as well as attend a short orientation about Kaparkan Falls.

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