How to make Mango Shaved Ice famous in Taiwan

Mango Shaved Ice is popular in Taiwan. This is a dessert that very well known for Taiwanese. Mango shaved ice is delicious because of its main course which is mango. It's easy to do because you just put it in a bowl and put ice shaved with mango cubes and condensed milk. Many people like this dessert because of the right taste of sweetness and its smooth and melt in your mouth texture. And the fruit that can be used here is fresh so the customers will love this dessert so much. You can also combine other fruits with this dessert such as kiwi, strawberry, a scoop of ice cream and many more. This dessert can enjoy you eat during the summer and winter season.

Here are the easy step for preparing mango shaved ice


 3 pcs. of mangos
 2 cups of milk
 1 ½ cups water
 4 tbsp. sugar
 1 can of condensed milk

Cooking Preparation:

1. Peel the mango and slice it. Then put it in the blender. Pour milk, water, and sugar. Start to blend the mixture until it is smooth. After mixing it, transfer to ice cube trays and freeze overnight until become solid

2. Peel again the remaining two mangoes and slice them into cubes. This is the topping to use for with shaved ice to give a nice looking dessert.

3. Put again an ice cube into a blender or shaved ice maker and process it again. When done, place it immediately in a bowl and top with mango and put it with condensed milk. Repeat more times as long as you have an ingredient.

4. Enjoy eating a refreshing iced dessert.

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