A Hidden Paradise....Gigantes Island

Want a superb summer vacation getaway? Isla de Gigantes is a wonderful place to visit.
Gigantes Island is also known as Islas de Gigantes or Island of Giants. It is a remote group of islands located off the coast of Carles and Estancia towns in Northeastern Iloilo. It is an island chain within the larger Western Visayas archipelago in the Visayan sea. It takes at least 5 hours to get there from Iloilo City.

 The islands are blessed with pristine white sand beaches, bountiful fresh seafood, and jagged rock formations. Plenty of islands to explore. People there are great and very hospitable. A place where everyone would like to opt instead of a crowded place. It's a long travel, but it's worth it. Seafood is being served unlimited, the likes of scallops and crabs.

What are the best things to do in Gigantes Island?

*Take an island hopping tour because it is not complete without taking an island hopping tour to see its magnificent beaches and islands.
*Relax at white sand beaches ----Gigantes is blessed with many white sand beaches and sandbars.
*Explore mystical caves---the islands are home to many caves hidden behind steep rock formations and cliffs.
*Visit the old lighthouse--- ruins of a Spanish Colonial lighthouse found at the northern shore of Gigantes North Island.
*Go Rock Scrambling--- a very steep rocky trail in Gigantes Sur leads to the top of the row of limestone cliffs that the locals call as the "Boulevard".
*Feast on fresh seafood--- you can look forward to cheap and fresh seafood in Gigantes, unofficially known as the scallops capital of the Philippines.

You can escape from the real world in staying on the island because there is no mobile signal and wifi. All you can do is to explore and appreciate the beauty of the island. The best God's creation. So what are you waiting for? Come and enjoy it at ISLA DE GIGANTES.

How to get there?

Book a flight to Iloilo or Roxas City. The main jump-off point going to Gigantes is at Estancia Port.

*From Iloilo Airport ride a taxi going to Tagbak terminal, then take a bus or van bound for Estancia then ride another tricycle going to Estancia port. Van is the better option for a faster way of going to Estancia.
*From Roxas City take a tricycle going to Ceres Bus Terminal, then take a bus bound for Estancia then a tricycle to Estancia Port.

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