This is the stories of every OFW

My successful life in UEA as OFW

My life in the Philippines is simple.  Our livelihood, I can say it belongs to the middle class but nevertheless we also experience hardship in life.  Our parents both have a jobs but it is also inevitable in life to come in distress.  We are five siblings and I am the eldest my four siblings are all studying.  One is in college, one is in high school and two are still in elementary school.
As the eldest child I see the hardships my family is going through.  I work well here in the Philippines. I am a regular employee of a one company in Makati and my income is also good, but even so, sometimes I still think of leaving the country and venturing abroad.  And because I see that my parents are having a hard time especially with the financial problem, I decided to pursue what I was thinking and this is to go and venture abroad.
While I was working, I accompanied it on applying to some agencies that deported Filipino in other country. For someone like me who has a job it is hard to keep up but I persevere because I want to venture with a good oppurtunity waiting for me there.  Upon my application, I was accepted to my application and the time of my departure came.  In UAE I am deployed as Administrative Assistant.  When I got there I said to myself, "I am here for a new life, a new fellowship and like everyone else I am also an OFW who ventures here for my family".
Honestly, I did not lose my nervousness because I was a first timer and my heart also had fear because I might not be accepted by the people I was with because I knew I would meet different races.  But I still continued my fight in abroad because I wanted to help my Mom and Dad with all the neccesities in our lives.  I don't like seeing them having a hard time thinking the problem so I let go of my plan.
I had a good life in UAE and I became familiar with my job here.  And because of this, I have added a lot to my work knowledge.  Yes, it is true that sometimes I am feel homesick but I fight it.  When I feel like this situation I will go out in house and go to the malls, I also go to some beautiful places in UAE, I will eat on some fast food restaurant and what else can be done because if you are an OFW this is your worst enemy HOMESICK  so you will also make a way for you to beat it.
My family and I often talk.  They always greet me so I say I'm ok but despite that I miss them so much because I can't be with them for a long time.  But I can't show them that because I don't want them to worry about me.  The important thing for me is to see them happy and well.
With my perseverance in UAE I have not failed in all my plans and dreams in life.  But I am still very happy because I helped my family and siblings. Right now, my parents have no financial problems and I continue to help with the expenses for my siblings' education.  The contract that was supposed to be only two years was extended until I became a regular employee of the company I work for in UAE so I am very happy.  And I am very grateful to GOD because He did not abandon me despite my loneliness.  And He also helped me not to make a mistake in the decision I made.
I hope for my fellow OFWs, my life abroad will be an inspiration to you.  By the way, I am Gio and this is my story.

"Never give up despite of several rejection" - A must read story of a OFW

"If we have dreams in life, we should make a way and strive hard to achieve it or else the burden of failure will always be on us until the end." This is the motto that always keep on reminding on me to try and never lost hope despite of several rejection I been through because of my height. Before I continue to share my story, I would like to humbly introduce myself. I am Seath from the province of Ilocos.

It was five years ago when I went to Metro Manila to look for job. As my dream before, is to work abroad. I decided to apply for a job to Taiwan despite of my height, most of the agencies for Taiwan are looking for a tall applicants. Several times that I been rejected, I even try to wore plenty of socks just to reached the limit that had been set by the employer but I was caught by the staff of the agency and they rejected me. But I never lost hope despite of stress and depression I been through everytime that I am being rejected.

I took seven months for me to land a job bound to Taiwan. From our province in Ilocos I went to Manila to find jobs in agencies. I would rent a bed space in Manila while applying because our province is mile away from the capital of the Philippines. Every day I will wake early morning to patiently look for any hiring. Walking under the heat of the sun keeps tiring and there are times that I could not even take my lunch or sometimes I take a late lunched. Most of the agencies that I applied to will always said that they will call me if there are any hiring but of course, I would not risk my opportunity on that agency alone. I would go around and tirelessly send my resume hoping that I could land a job abroad. It was my daily routine until I found an agency which do not requires height limit. So I grab it and It was maybe my lucky day because I was able to pass all the interviews and examinations.

I immediately called my mom to tell her that I got a job and our dream house will soon to rise.  My family and I were all happy for the good news. To make it short I was able to abroad, I have learn a lot being an OFW. First you must know how to mingle and have respect to each other. Little by little I started our dream house, my family had decided to make it bigger. In working abroad and achieving my dreams, I always think the needs and wants. At present our dream house is almost finished.

As of now, I still here and lucky enough to have job abroad. I will make some advice to aspiring applicants going abroad that do not be depressed never lost hope because If we fight with prayers then nothing is impossible we can surpass every obstacles that comes in our life.


" I will never changed to my wife" despite of long distance relationship

Philippines is one of the country in the world that sends overseas workers. And based on the social data 70 percent of the relationships and families are ruined due to long distance relationships. But for me and my wife is getting better as time goes by, by the way, my name is Christian, a OFW from the province of Laguna.

Today, I would like to share my story of being a simple OFW, hoping that some aspiring OFW would learn my experience. Being far from Metro Manila, I have to wake up early at around 3:00 in the morning and leave our house at around 4:00 am, because I always believe on the saying as says "early bird catches worms" it quite odd but its true. Every time I will hunt a jobs in random agencies, I will wake up early so that I can also go home early.

Job hunting takes a lot of sacrifices, There ar times I experience of being rejected for the position that we are applying for, I sometimes feel stressed and depressed. But I always stand up and goes on. Faith and Hope are my only weapon in facing the obstacles that comes along my way.

To make the story short, I got a job abroad after several times of trying to find a job in several agencies. I spend more than 100 thousand pesos including my fare, foods, documents, medicals and placement fee. Its quite expensive to achieve your dream job. But despite of huge amount, I always think on the positive side. Because if I will remain working in government agencies nor working in private sectors, I cannot save a money for our dream future.

Today, I am working here abroad,so my chances of achieving my dream future is quite bigger. Though sometimes I feel homesick but its normal for us OFW. And now a days we have so many things out there to heal our homesick.

Lastly, I would like to share an lesson of being OFW. You should always identify your needs and wants so that you can save money because not the rest of our life we will be working abroad.

"When opportunity comes, grab it. regrets are in the end" The most read story of OFW from Taiwan

Some says, "When opportunity comes, grab it. regrets are in the end", which mostly happened in our life.

My name is John, a OFW, who takes chances to work abroad. Though money isn't really our problem and because I want to gain a financial indepence from my family. I decided to work abroad to stand and learn on my own. I say to become independent because my family is able to give us the things we want, as my mother is working in United States, she always give us the allowances for our personal expenses. And even though I am already working as Technical Engineer in one of the giant electronics company in the Philippines, my mom never forgets to give us an allowance.

My mom has worked abroad for a longer time and once in a blue moon happened to get us together. I was raised by my Aunts because my mom was not around since I was a child.

To make the story short, I decided to work abroad so that I can learn how to be financially independent. I try to apply for a jobs in two agencies which my bestfriend had refered to me. I wake up early morning at 3:00 to prepare everything then depart from our house at around 4:00 am so that I can go early to apply. When applyin for job it takes a patience, standing and waiting to a long lines of applicants. Sometimes I would experience a bad tempered agency staff, so it really need patience when applying for a job especially when your from 4 hours commute from Cavite. The virtue of patience is really needed.

Aside from exercising your patience to the highest level, here comes our government offices. Getting documents is more harder than applying for job in an agencies.

To fast forward, I was hired from one of the agency that had been refered to me by my bestfriend. I resigned from my work and of course I also bid a temporary good bye to my girlfriend. Promises and vows to each other as we are to experience a long distance relationship, and it is not easy to be in distance with your love ones. I and my girlfriend is almost 6 years and counting and getting stronger though for now we are in long distance relationship. There are times that weexperience a little misunderstanding but we are able to handle everything as long as there is a constant communication, trust and love to each other.

Being an OFW is not easy, I can say that now I feel what my mom feels of being alone, away from his children and love ones. In working abroad I able to learn how to mingle and respects others. Though sometimes I experience a little misunderstanding to my co-workers but things is getting better as time goes by. Being an OFW is a sacfrice of everything for the brighter future and learning more valuable lesson in real world of overseas workers.

OFW's may we called it as a Hero

Filipinos overseas workers experience a riskiness when they travel and work abroad.  OFW's are sacrificing in many ways to provide for the better life of their families.  They are heroes in their own lives and rights because they live to help their families.  And sometimes even when they don't know other people they are willing to help and support when they need it.

Heroes think of other people first before thinking of their own interests.  They are unique people who sacrifice themselves only for the sake of others.  Overseas and migrant workers face enormous challenges that all they have to bear is their belief, hope and determination to achieve their purpose in life.  OFW's are striving for their children to be nurtured and to secure a good future and to live the life they dream of.

OFW's are courageous, self-determined, did not scared their lives, have a golden heart and do many things to make them heroes of all people.  What they do well is a call of duty to help their families, to help their country and sometimes even put themselves at risk to help others.

An OFW can be called a hero for sacrificing a part of themselves to help other people in need.  They can also be called heroes because they are able to smile at others despite the trials and challenges they face in life while being away from their loved ones.  If other people feel better because of the help of OFW's they can also be called heroes.  If all this is done by an OFW, they are a heroes in the hearts of the people.


My painful story being an OFW in Singapore

By the way, I am Mildred, 25 years old from the province of Bulacan. I am an OFW in Singapore. As an OFW I want to share with you my story on how I came to this life.

Try and try until you succeed, this is what I always said when I am constantly rejected to what I am doing in my life especially for applying for a job. I am not like the others who finished their school and get a good course that's why they are quick to hire the company they are applying for. I am only a High School Graduate, because of the poverty were experience, my parents couldn't afford to study me in college. So I tried to venture in Manila to apply for a job abroad to help my family, but I always unlucky and no one accepted me. However, I didn't give up so I continued applying for work.

Since I am not giving up on life, one day I applied again in Manila I saw an agency that needs a Domestic Helper in Singapore so I inquired inside and the guard let me in and the staff gave me an application form. I filled out the application form and submitted it to the staff. It got to the point that my name was called for the interview. The interviewer simply asked me why I wanted to work abroad and why I wanted to apply for a DH. My answer to them is simple and I said: "for my family that's why I want to go abroad to give them a better life". And I also told them "it's not bad being a DH because it's a noble job that should not be embarrassed especially if you don't care about others". In the meantime, the Lord heard my request and I was finally hired. I was very happy at those times and I immediately told my parents about it.

The day of my departure came, with my family they took me to the airport. My joy is suddenly replaced by sadness especially when I see my parents while I am away from them. I cried and I hugged them tightly because I could not hold them together for so long. It is very painful when you leave your loved ones behind. But I told myself that I am doing this because of them, to give them a good life. All the hardships I will suffer for them.

Our plane arrived at Singapore airport. There has an agency's staff that waiting for and pick us and we brought at the office. When we came to the office I met my employer and they took me to their house where I work. Their house is quite big, spacious and beautiful. I thought at first that my employer was not good but when I talked to them, I made a mistake because they are very kind. I thank God for giving me a good employer. My employer doesn't care about my work as long as I will perform my job well. They also gave me a day off every Sunday.

As an OFW my job is very hard because it is all around but I can do it for the sake of my family and because of the kindness of my employers I will serve them well because I don't want them to be disappointed with me. I don't want also to lose their trust that they will give me as a helper. I am very happy when I receive my salary because I can send it to my family in the Philippines. I also called them to ask how are they. When I'm getting my day off I'll go to the beautiful places in Singapore and I have met a lot of Pinay people there and I can buy a few things that I can bring to the Philippines for my family.

Until now, I'll continue to serve my employer. I am so much happy and blessed right now because I have given my family the good life they now enjoy. Our house is already built and I gave my parents a small sari-sari store and of course, I am continuing to help them.

So I'm thankful to God for not letting me down and helping me to achieve my dream that I wanted for my family. Even though I did not finish college I was still lucky in the blessings that I enjoy now just because of being a DH so that I was never ashamed of my job because it gave me a good life.

For others, I can only advise you not to give up on the things you want to achieve. You won't get it right away but the day will come when it will be given to you as long as you trust yourself.

The Story of Niena Sevilla as an Overseas Filipino Worker

Niena Sevilla left the Philippines on May 2006 to work as an OFW in Saudi Arabia. Working abroad was a tough decision for Nina, because she had to leave her children, ages 9 and 5 to give them a bright future. As a single parent, it’s her responsibility to provide the important needs of her children, especially sending them to school and provide comfort in life. She had to be strong and brave for her family.

She was able to work as a domestic helper in Saudi Arabia with the help of a relative by arranging the process for her. The first time she arrived at her employer’s house made her completely shocked because the house was huge and she can’t imagine cleaning it only by herself. It also made her shocked that she had to serve the entire family of her employer, when in the contract she needed to serve only the employer’s mother. She experienced verbal abuse after months of working there. Later on, another Filipina domestic helper also was being hired to work at her employer’s house.

Niena felt the fear of continuing to work because of the verbal abuse she received from her employer. She tried to understand her situation and had to sacrifice for her family. But the abuse got worse, she asked helped to her relative to get away from her employer and provide her for a new one, but her relative refused and demand that she needed to repay for the fees paid for her employer. Niena can’t wait anymore and needed to get away because she was afraid that the abusive words would turn out to actions. Her co-worker also planned to resign and she might be left alone continued to receive abuses from her employer, so she ran away when it was her day-off and she didn’t come back again. She hides for two weeks and put herself in a dangerous situation. With the help of some Filipino friends, she found a new employer and hired her as an office worker.

Niena was very happy and grateful that other OFWs helped and gave her another opportunity. She also reminded other OFWs that the best way to seek help is to ask assistance from the Philippine Embassy, the wrong moved she had done put herself to danger. The word “Oneness” was really observed during the time of her struggle as an OFW, she realized that there are still good people who are willing to give kindness and compassion even if you are not blood related.

Indeed, being an OFW really needs to have braveness, experience hardships, and sacrifice for yourself and for your family.

OFW abused in Kuwait shares her painful story

Every year there are many Filipina who go abroad to work as a domestic helper in many parts of the world. They choose to work miles away because they want to provide the needs of their family and give them a bright future. Unfortunately, not all overseas Filipino workers are lucky enough to have respectful employers. This is what happened to our fellow Filipino while working abroad.

Fatima (not her real name) a 25-year-old OFW who worked in Kuwait as a domestic helper was abused by her female employer. She got many burns because her employer always put hot water on her back to wake her up. Fatima also claimed that her employer hit her head on the wall many times while she was working. She was able to ask help when her employer brought her to the Kuwait office of the recruitment agency who managed her documents. The agency provided assistance to Fatima and contacted the Philippine Embassy to seek help regarding the situation of Fatima being abused by her employer. They saw the wounds and burns on Fatima’s body.

The Philippine Embassy helped Fatima to file a case against her employer. Fatima’s employer was immediately arrested and imprisoned. In a subsequent trial, the Kuwaiti court ordered Fatima’s boss to pay her two million pesos damages for the “grave abused” she experienced. The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) put Fatima’s employer on the OWWA blacklist to prevent her to hire another Filipina again and might be a victim like what Fatima experience. They also gave Fatima a scholarship and conducted psychological counselling for her to forget the sufferings she had in Kuwait.

Fatima might have escaped her nightmare for good, but the marks and scars that her body suffered will be permanent evidence of the abused she had. Although Fatima experienced those sufferings, she was still willing to grab the chance to work again abroad if there will be an opportunity for her.

The Story of an OFW Nurse in London

Gemicah is a 24-year-old nurse in London, United Kingdom. Her monthly salary ranges to P125,000 – P160,000. The reason why she decided to work abroad is mainly because of her family. She is the eldest child and need to earn enough to provide the needs and help her family. She also wanted to try things that would challenge her life and become independent.

She had a three-year contract with the hospital where she was worked on  as a nurse. Living in London made her happy because she enjoyed her job and also the country; it was her dream to travel to another place. Talking about struggles as an OFW, Gemicah experienced home sickness because of being away from her family. She had to learn to do things by her own and become independent, since there was no single family member that would help her while working abroad. She also needs to stay healthy always because it’s very hard to be ill since no one will take care of her. Holidays also made her sad because mostly she needs to spend it alone, especially during Christmas and New Year.

Moreover, working abroad for Gemicah gave her also a chance to travel to other countries since other countries in Europe are so accessible. One year of working in London gave her the opportunity to travel four countries already. She managed also buy the things she wants for her family as “Pasalubong” for them. Gemicah earned enough money to enjoy her life working and living in London.

Indeed, she realized how blessed she was to be able to work abroad and became fortunate with her job as a nurse. She also reminded herself that nothing comes easy, if we want to achieve great things we need to be flexible and accept the challenges ahead and make great sacrifices. The family will always be the top priority for Gemicah, she will do everything to provide them the comfort in life.

OFW shared horrifying abuse experienced caused by her Saudi employer

Agnes Mancilla started working in Saudi Arabia as a domestic helper on 2016. Unfortunately, during her work at her employer’s house, she experienced horrifying abuse done by her boss that caused to rush her to the hospital to seek medical treatment. She said that the employer forced her to drink household bleach because she failed to make tea properly. This was the reason why her employer got mad at her and did such thing.

The employer also was not feeding her except coffee for one month and 16 days. Agnes was also forced to do household chores overtime from 5 a.m to 2 a.m every single day.  She added that her employer always bite her every time she commit mistakes. Her family had no contact with her for two years because her employer confiscated her cellphone. Agnes was very frightened for her life during her work with her abusive employer.

Fortunately, the Department of Foreign Affairs rescued Agnes and visited by the Consul General Edgar Badajos of the Philippine Consulate General in Jeddah at the King Fahd Central Hospital in Jizan in Southwestern Saudi Arabia. Agnes was rushed to the hospital unconscious and confined at the ICU because of the too much danger done by her employer. Consul General Badajos made a promise to Agnes after she regain her consciousness that he will do his best to ensure proper charges to be filed against her employer.

Indeed, not all overseas Filipino workers are lucky enough to have a respectful employer. There are those who experienced abuses that lead them to death.

OFW shares her successful story as an entrepreneur

Working overseas is not an easy decision to make and a tough job for every Filipino who chooses to leave their families to find better opportunity in other countries. Insufficient monthly income is the common reason why they go abroad, to support the needs of their families and to provide comfortable life for them.

A nurse in New Zealand named Crestine Carson worked in the said country for eight years, even though she had already the job it was still not enough to give the needs of her family in the Philippines once her contract expires and settle back home for good.

Crestine decided to go home after years of working in New Zealand. She realized that in a simple vacation of her, she spent big amount of money to treat her family, relatives, and friends. It was not a good experience and lesson for Crestine.

“I heard Overseas Filipino Workers do that. They have no money in the bank and they go home to the Philippines or they bring home their savings as an OFW and spend them all,” she said in an interview with entrepreneur Bo Sanchez.

Crestine doesn’t want to experience that once again, so she decided to plan for a long-term business with her five sisters because she doesn’t want to help by just giving them money all the time, she wanted to help them to earn money instead.

Buy-and-sell of cellphones was the first business they started. However, it failed after several attempts of supporting their business; it just burned a hole in her pocket. Crestine was sad on that time because she was used to earn 6-digits a month when she was still working abroad.

In 2013, Crestine and her sisters started to opened up a shakes and smoothies business in front of their house in Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur. Their business went well because the customers loved the taste of their products and started to share their experiences with their friends.

Four years after, Crestine’s business expanded up to 33 more branches all over the country. Crestine also released an electronic book titled “How I stopped the Habit of Remittance Yet Helped My Family More” this is to inspire other OFWs with her successful story an OFW turned entrepreneur.

She quoted in her book, “We had big dreams yet started really small… I fell that I found a deeper mission as an OFW/immigrant. As we grow our business, we want to share our success to other OFWs and their families.”

Tips to Avoid Stress for an OFW

Tired, awake, stressed are often felt by OFWs.  Work also causes stress.  Stress is also a reason for one not to be able to rest properly, especially at work having misunderstandings at work especially with leaders and even co-workers.  Just a little bit of tension causes one to slow down and one to lose mood.

Each of us has our own characteristics so habits are also the cause of misunderstandings, so if we are in a distant place it is very important to respect and manage one's behavior.

How should this be done?  And why is this things so important?  What are the things to consider?

1.) Be patient.  This is a very important feature of those who work to facilitate the solution of very small problems to leaders and colleagues.  If a little word is not good, do not speak so that it does not go down. If you ask for an apology, just accept it.

2.) Listen before answering. Many of us have a headache.  Do not shout even if you know you have done something wrong.  Calm yourself and be silent when in a condition and explain what is inside the emotion.

3.) Do not gossip.  Many of our co-workers often talk about other people's lives.  At first it was just a pastime. But you don't realize it, it only adds to your thinking and it just doesn't help.  It also causes frequent quarrels.

4.) Make it a habit to focus on what you are doing.  Do not interfere with what others do.  Focus on what you are assigned to do.  Do not compare your work with theirs.

5.) Get enough rest.  It is easy to get hot-headed if you don't get enough sleep.  You also do not have the condition to work if you are awake.  So remember that you should sleep, eat enough if you are going to work.

These factors can help prevent work stress.

What are the priorities of a OFW?

Priority or Choice?

Many of us sacrifice to meet the needs of our family or even what we really can aspire to in life. When we are abroad we have many dreams and desires to buy with the money we have worked for.  We also sometimes do not think about where our hard work goes as long as the most important thing is that we give pleasure to our loved ones.  Such are the OFW priorities always the welfare of the family.  But sometimes we forget the important factor of why we work so hard.

Have you ever asked yourself "what is my plan?"  What will happen after my contract expires?  Am I saving enough?  These are some of the questions we should consider when we are abroad.  Many of us no longer think so.  But we must keep this in mind as spending money on food is very fast and very expensive and people continue to need it.

What is the priority?  It is the basic necessities of life such as food, clothing, shelter, medicine and education of our family especially our children.  In each of our priorities, wasting budget is also important to meet all of this.  Especially if its the value are expensive . Budgeting is also not easy even though our OFWs are also hard because the exchange rate is high when sending our money to the Philippines but in fact in the country where they work the so-called cost of living is also high.

What is the only choice? This is what we just want but not the basic necessities, such as expensive gadgets, tv, and media announcements that are all temporary luxury.  It also includes a tour of the beautiful scenery.  There is nothing wrong with that, but sometimes it is the reason for a lack of budget and when it becomes a habit  it makes you think about the future.

It is important that an OFW should always keep this in mind when it comes to his or her priorities in life.


How to win over Homesick?

Bakit nga ba nararanasan nang isang OFW ang homesick. Marami sa mga nagtatarabaho bilang OFW ang nahihirapang mapagtagumpayan ito. Iba't -ibang aspeto ng buhay kung bakit madalas ay nararanasan ito nang isang malayo sa pamilya. Maging ang taong single ay hindi exempted sa emotion na ito.

Ang homesick ay pagkawalay sa pamilya o magulang na siyang itinuturing na kasama natin kapag tayo'y nasa sariling bansa. Madalas naalala natin ang kanilang pagkalinga, pag-aasikaso at higit sa lahat pagmamahal. Mahirap mag-isa sa panahong may karamdaman tayo, ang tanging nagagawa lang natin ay dasal o dili kaya'y umiyak kapag tayo'y nagpapahinga. Sa paraang ito naiibsan ang ating karamdaman nang kalungkutan. Minsan sadyang hindi ito madaling gawin.

Anong paraan nga ba ang puwede nating gawin?
Una, importanteng maging positibo.Ang pagpopokus sa ating mga ginagawa ay malaking tulong upang hindi tayo makapag-isip nang mga malulungkot na bagay. At isa pa tutulong ito upang maging masaya tayo sa ating ginagawa.

Ikalawa, huwag magtelebabad sa pagtawag. Ngunit wag naman kalimutan makipag-usap. Gumawa nang mga bagay kung san makakapagfocus palagi, tulad nang paano magiging productive sa loob nang kumpanya.

Ikatlo, panatilihin ang ugnayan tulad kapag day off kamustahin sila at maging masaya yung usapan huwag puro malulungkot tulad nang salitang"sana umuwi kana","sana nandito ka","naiiyak ako dito". Ito kasi minsan ang dahilan kung bakit kinokontrol nang ating isipan ang ating emotion.

Ikaapat, mahalaga din humanap nang mga bagong kaibigan na puwedeng makasama kapag magrerelax. O kaya magiging katakana,kakuwentuhan. Huwag makipagbarkada kundi tamang oras lang sa mga kasama.

Ikalima, humanap nang mapaglilibangan, tulad nang pagbabasa, panunuod nang movies, pag-eehersisyo ito'y malaking tulong upang maisip natin ang ating dahilan kaya't lumayo tayo sa kanila.

Ikaanim, siyempre sa araw nang sahod huwag kakalimutang  itreat ang sarili tulad nang pagkain sa labas o kaya'y pagbili nang mga gustong damit at mga bag.

    Ilan ito sa mga paraan upang maiwasan natin ang kalungkutan. Minsan ang pagkahomesick ay nagdudulot din nang stress o depresyon sa isang tao.

Tips to remain successful at work

 Each of us needs to earn a living to provide for our own.  It is a very important blessing to have a stable job in your own country or even abroad.  Working abroad is the biggest challenge because OFWs seem to be heroes who sacrifice strength, life and talents.  Working as an OFW is not a joke because you have to follow the culture, food or study their word so that you can fully understand the tasks you will be asked to do.  It is also a very difficult challenge for an OFW to do because of socializing with co-workers. In various behaviors a person has sometimes it causes jealousy, resentment to be slandered at work and the irritability of your leader.

What can be done to keep the job despite the challenges you may face?  Remember the tips to be successful with the company you work for.

1.) Work Hard.  This is a very important aspect of work because it proves how much you value the job you have in your company.

2.) Be On Time.  It is very important to always enter at the right time.  It shows that you can finish your work without delay.  This is a great impression on your boss and leader.

3.) Be a Team Player.  Fellowship at work.  It is a challenge but it is very important especially sharing your knowledge to make your work productive.

4.) Be Flexible.  Having voluntary obedience to every command will leave to you reasoning to be liked by your boss.  Not in a way that will strengthen and absorb you but they will see you being responsible for the work they give you.

5.) Don't Complain.  It is not bad to say a complaint but if you are choosing what you want to do it is not good.  Being lazy is the only impression left on you.  Being a complainer is sometimes the reason you are often scolded and your boss will not like you.

6.) Offer Help.  Being helpful to your workmates is a good indication that you are a good co-worker.

7.) Keep Away from Humor.  Don't become gossip, stay away from conversations that are not part of your job especially when it comes to other people's lives.

8.) Don't Argue.  Do not insist on your self of what you want or starta fight.  This will cause tension in what you are doing.


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